Argentine Tango

Vanessa comes from a family of dancers. Immigrating from the U.K., her parents co-founded the local international folk dancing club, and Vanessa grew up with an awareness of musical diversity. She also took classes throughout childhood in ballet, tap, highland dancing, and music. She later continued to explore other forms of dance, such as Flamenco, ballroom, salsa, and west coast swing.

Captivated by Argentine tango in 2004, she was drawn by the potential for creative expression in this deeply improvisational dance, where the basic elements can be combined in infinite variations. Although a ‘led’ dance, at its best she found tango to be a dialogue, allowing a growing response to one’s partner and the music.

Vanessa has an appreciation for the many styles of tango, both traditional and nuevo, and for each unique dance within its universal language. She continues to learn about the musical history of the dance, and DJs at local and regional milongas. She has taught and performed in the region, including numerous guest-teaching visits to Salt Spring Island.

In Buenos Aires she learned from such teachers as Eduardo Saucedo & Marisa Quiroga, Juan Carlos Copes, Milena Plebs, and Romina Verón. She has also taken the opportunity to study with visiting teachers in Victoria and Vancouver, and to attend festivals in Portland and Seattle. Highlights include Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo, Homer & Cristina Ladas, Oscar Mandagaran & Georgina Vargas, Carlos Boeri & Alison Murray, and Sandra Naccache & Jorge Lopez.

In both learning and teaching, Vanessa focuses on balance, posture, technique, and awareness of the music that makes dance possible.

Private lessons available. Please use the Contact Form for inquiries.