Tango Workshop in Crofton, Sunday, October 28th

Exploring technique with the ocho cortado, including variations. ¬†Crofton Community Centre, Musgrave at Robert Street. Class 5 – 6 pm, followed by buffet dinner at 6, and “Meet-in-the-Middle” milonga at 7 pm.

2 thoughts on “Tango Workshop in Crofton, Sunday, October 28th

  1. Hi Vanessa; I’m writing to thank you so very much for your teaching at the “Crofton” Tango workshop. I came to the workshop with a little experience using Ocho Cortado, but your gentle instruction showed me many variations and subtleties of the movements and thier flow. I also want to thank you for mentioning the names of the Tango bands and thier playing style. Having that a insight into the commonalities of the band’s playing style and the ocho cortado made listening and doing much clearer. Many very big thanks. Murray

    1. I appreciate the feedback, Murray! So glad you found the workshop helpful. And yes, fitting the movement to the music style is so essential. Thank you for your willingness to help demonstrate!

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